About company

OJSC “Kohanovsky Excavator Plant” – is a stable and technically equipped enterprise. Since the time of its foundation in 1990 the enterprise has developed production of 9 types of reclamation and road building machines and spare parts to them. OJSC “KEP” is also the only enterprise in Belarus that produces single-bucket hydraulic crawler-mounted excavator EO-3223.

Regular participation and first places taken in tenders for technical equipment delivery to public enterprises, major corporate customers, faithful execution of contracts with private companies allowed OJSC “KEP” to play an important role in the market of specialized machines and equipment.

Currently the plant closely cooperates with a number of well-known foreign companies in the sphere of machinery construction such as German companies «Linde», «Naf», «Parker» and Italian company «Brevini».

In 2006 due to well-organized and active work of plant’s staff a brand-new air-operated excavator EW-1400 was developed and started to be produced. The excavator is “a step forward” in Belarusian mechanical engineering.

The principal aim of the staff of OJSC “Kohanovsky Excavator Plant” – is “never stop at what has been accomplished, constantly improve the quality and expand the range of goods, increase the output of modern models which meet the requirements of machinery market”. In order to achieve the aim quality management system that meets the requirements was introduced.

Standard ISO 9001.

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