Single-bucket rubber-mounted excavator EW-1400

Single-bucket rubber-mounted excavator EW-1400 is the best example of multifunction digging machine, intended to make a ditch, trench and an open cast on the ground of category l-IV, for loading and unloading bulk solids, distended hard rocks and frozen soil (of size not more than 200 mm), and for other works made during industrial, urban, rural, transport and reclamation construction.

High mobility and efficient coordination make EW-1400 an indispensable machine in point construction. Machinery kitting is the main distinctive feature and factor that influences the quality of end product. Two driving axles and a gearbox of German producer «Naf» are installed on the running frame of excavator EW-1400 (OJSC «KEP»). Hydraulic brake of all the wheels with two-circuit gear and three emergency hydraulic accumulators and metering pump of steering control Danfos ensure safe movement of the excavator along the roads.

Hydraulic equipment is packaged with assemblage of the leading producers in the sphere of engineering hydraulics. Due to the modern system of LSC flow control, force hydraulic drive (pumps, hydraulic distributor «Linde» (Germany) provide high speed of the equipment.

No. Specifications VALUE
1 Bucket volume, m3 0,8,63,5,4
2 Backdigger excavator’s weight, t 13,3
3 Engine D-245.9
4 Engine capacity, kW (h.p.) 100 (136)
Kitting (in accordance with supplier)
Driving axles and gear box «Naf» Germany
Pumps, hydromotors, hydraulic distributor, rotary movement gear «Linde», Germany
Filtering equipment «Parker»,Germany
High pressure arms and conjunctive carcass «Gidroskand», Sweden
5 Engine drive rotation frequency, r/min 2200
6 Hydraulic pump assembly capacity, kW (h.p.) 70 (95)
7 Pressure in hydraulic system, MPa (kgf/cm2) 28 (280)
8 Total pump capacity, l/min 400 (320+40+40)
9 Excavator’s hydraulic system volume, l 400
10 Rotating frequency turntable, r/min 9
11 Movement speed, km/h 30
12 Electrosystem’s voltage, V 24
13 Digging depth, m 4,95
14 Digging radius on the level of set-up, m 8,10
Bucket arm 2,4 m 8,7
15 Unloading height, m 5,95

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