Single-bucket excavator with supporting face hydraulic EO-3223

Single-bucket excavator of 3d category size with enlarged track's supporting face hydraulic EO-3223 is a multifunctional earth-moving machinery intended to cultivate and clean soil-reclamation canals and irrigation systems that are in operation, for loading and unloading bulk solids, distended hard rocks and frozen soil (of size not more than 200 mm). The excavator can be used in industrial, civil, rural and transport construction in making trench, ditch and other earthwork on the grounds of category l-IV.

Hydraulic equipment on the excavator is packaged with assemblage produced by leading companies in the sphere of mobile hydraulics.

Hydraulic distributors made by "Brewini" (Italy) are known for their construction and maintenance simplicity. Durability and maintainability of axial-piston hydraulics (pumps and hydraulic motors) «Pnevmostroymachine» for many years was tested in operation along with other construction equipment of different producers. Reliable performance of the system is ensured by filtering facility produced by «Parker» (Germany). High pressure arm is of local production with the use of arm and all conjunctive carcasses made by «Gidroskand» (Sweden). For production of pipe conduit zinc-coated a seamless tube is used. Pipe conduit's conjunction with the use of cutting ring provides hermeticity of hydro interconnection and its high maintainability.

Increase of capacity and capability to perform planning works is provided due to « floating position» of lift arm. Excavator's efficiency in cleaning canals (slope planning, trench digging, etc.) is considerably increased with the use of micromovement (crawling speed) mode, that provides excavator's movement along the channel at the rate of up to 200 m/h and at the same time using the equipment to perform 100% efficient work.ducers in the sphere of engineering hydraulics. Due to the modern system of LSC flow control, force hydraulic drive (pumps, hydraulic distributor «Linde» (Germany) provide high speed of the equipment.

  EO-3223 OJSC «KEP»
Specifications VALUE
Engine type and brand diesel D-245 or D-245L
Hydraulic distributor «Brevini» Italy
Filtering equipment «Рarker» Germany
High pressure arm and conjunctive equipment «Gidroskand» Sweden
Engine’s operation capacity, kW (h.p.) 77,0 (75)
Rotating frequency of engine drive shaft, (r/m) 35,7 (2 200)
Pressure in the main hydraulic system, MPa(kgf/cm2) 25 (250)
Pressure in the control system, MPa(kgf/cm2) 3-3,5 (30-35)
Excavator’s hydraulic system volume, l 400
Rotating frequency of turntable, s-1 (r/min) 0,146 (8,75)
Maximum speed of excavator, km/h 4,0
Maximum pulling capacity on tracks, kN (t.f.) 155,0 (15,5)
Gradeability on the solid dry way, degree (…°), not less 0,383 (22)
Voltage, V 24
Excavator’s width on bonnet, m 2,7
Width of caterpillar belt (track), mm 900; 600;1000
Width of caterpillar track, mm 2 900
Width of caterpillar track, m:

     - on tracks of 900 mm

     - on tracks of 600 mm


Excavator’s height on  cabin, m 2,85
Maximum volume of bucket, m³ 0,8
Excavator’s overall length, m 4,7

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