Mowing machine AS-1

Mowing machine AS-1 is intended to mow high-yielding and lodged grass at raised progressive speed and lay the skewed mass into the swath. It can also be used for mowing overgrown areas, pastures, small bushes and tall grasses.

Type removable
Basic machine MTP-82
Gear type of operating elements hydraulic
Operation speed, not less, km/h 0,5-5,0
Производительность, ha/h 0,3
Maximum height of stubble, mm 40-80
Maximum width of  slope, m 3,5
Making channel or dam slope 1:1…1:2
Grasp width of operating elements, m 1,6
Number of tractor rotations, not less, r/min 540-560
Maximum diameter of the cut plant stem, mm 20
Size of mowing machine with tractor in operation position, m:

     - length

     - width

     - height

on tractor


Weight, kg 820
Maintenance staff, p. tractor driver

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