Loader excavator EP-2620

Loader excavator EP-2620 is a universal machine that can be used at any construction object. The excavator combines portability and maneuverability and can be used for mechanization during excavation works on the ground of categories I...IV and for execution of loading-unloading works at urban, rural and transport constructions, on the narrow roads and in neighborhood areas.

The excavator is equipped with brand-new hydraulic distributor made by "Brewini" (Italy) with joystick control which allows to combine working activities and smooth running of operational equipment, which considerably improves the quality of work and saves the time.

All the filtering equipment is made by "Parker" (Germany), high pressure arms are of local production with the use of arm and conjunctive device by "Gidroskand" (Sweden). Zinc-coated pipe conduit with the use of cutting ring considerably improve the quality and hermeticity of conjunction.

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